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With over 70,000 articles Schöler offers the world’s most extensive assortment of crystals for lighting & interior & decoration. Schöler holds more than 20,000 articles on stock for immediate delivery. Of course, customized shapes are welcome! Advanced machine technology and skilled handcraft are combined to provide the highest brilliance.The crystals can be also ordered professionally pinned/assembled in chains or sets. Create your style!
Lighting Crystal

Lighting Crystal

Thousands of shapes of prisms, bobeches, centerpieces, arms, drops, rods, plates, pinning-material etc. are available.
Lighting crystals are available in the basic clear color as well as in coated colors or solid colors. Clients also appreciate the full pinning-service of the company.

Interior crystal

The glamour of crystal can illuminate and upgrade any interior decoration and design. Products such as crystal handles and crystal tiles enhance quality of bathrooms.
Elegant contemporary furniture is inlaid with crystals, and the curtain made with crystals serves both, as a beautiful room divider and luminaire too.

Decoration & Gift Crystal

Decoration Crystal

A gorgeous selection of balls, pyramides, diamonds, Christmas pendants, as well as Esoteric- and Feng-Shui-crystals, create a huge variety of accessories and gift articles for all occasions. Beautiful crystal collectibles,
each a unique piece of art!

We do PINNING of crystals!

Scholer’s chandelier crystals are finest quality from Austria. The tradition and reputation of Austrian Crystal guarantees it. Advanced machine technology and skilled handcraft are combined to provide the highest brilliance in clear crystals or coated crystals or colored crystals. Produced skillfully, each crystal part forms a sparkling masterpiece.The excellent facets give a perfect crystal light to your rooms. Create your style! Luxury for your eyes!


Scholer is your partner for decorative lighting and Scholer’s internationally registerred brand-name SCHOLER CRYSTAL ® is supporting your business when selling your chandeliers and lamps which are dressed with crystal.


The company offers far over 70.000 crystal trimmings, over 20.000 crystal articles are on stock, another more than 50.000 crystals can be delivered quickly. Customized crystal shapes are always welcome and appreciated from the company’s worldwide customers. Last but not least, Scholer’s excellent and fast service in offering a top-quality pinning of crystals is another big strength of the company.


Assembling crystals into crystals chains or crystal strands is done since ever, as well as complete crystal sets for your chandelier frame.

Enjoy the company’s sparkling crystal garlands and bring the rainbow colors into your room!

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