The raw material that we use mostly in our production is optical crystal:
high quality glass with an excellent transparency,

lead-free and therefore environmentally friendly.

Hand production is a long and labour-intensive procedure.
Heated in the furnace, the clear or full-colour raw material melts and turns into a viscous fluid.

Then it is moulded under pressure in a metal mould.

A semi-finished piece with the shape of the final product comes out. Then it cools and hardens. Now it is cut by the master craftsman’s hand. In many different steps, the facets and the edges will be cut until the incoming light separates into the spectral colors. Polishing adds the final brilliance.

On request, the finished crystal is coated with metal-oxides under vacuum to achieve one of ten different coating colours. At each production step, the quality is controlled. Finally, every crystal is critically inspected. The products, some pinned together, are carefully packed and shipped to the customer.

Machine production

Machine production is done by our highly precise cutting machines, using advanced technology, developed by Schöler.

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