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Hollow tubes with a vertical structure

inside allow to create very special lighting effects. Available in 3 diameters (50mm, 60mm, 80mm) and lots of different lenghts, unlimited architectural lighting solutions can be made with.

Not only the basic CRYSTAL CLEAR

color is an option, but also the great 10 solid colors of  SCHOLER CRYSTAL ® give a wide choice to produce colorful chandeliers and lamps.

Of course, the great 10 solid colors

of  SCHOLER CRYSTAL ® are also available in the most popular product in decorative crystal lighting, the so-called “octagons”.

Rockcrystal: NOW in colors of nature!

The most precious material for chandelier crystals, Rockcrystal, comes directly of nature. Besides the classic color CRYSTAL CLEAR, Scholer just lauched four other natural colors:


Only the best lapidaries cut and polish the unique pieces by hand, which provide exclusive chandeliers with a soft sparkling.

Discover the artful designs of the natural stones by visiting our ROCKCRYSTAL online catalogue!

Crystal Tree

The new enchanting Crystal Trees from SCHÖLER CRYSTAL® will enthuse your customers. Two ready designed Crystal Trees are available. One in CRYSTAL CLEAR (upper picture) and one with Christmas flair in RUBY/EMERALD (lower picture).

Choose your own design!
Two designs are not enough? Of course, you can create your custom designed Crystal Tree. The stylish metal frame in CHROME or BROWN is absolute premium-quality and can be fitted artfully according to your personal imagination. Enjoy without limitations our wide range of more than 60 000 articles.

Crystal Christmas Tree

Application example.

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